WORKSHOP: Cyber Triage (Sponsored)

(Sponsored by Cyber Triage)

Cyber Triage is an automated DFIR tool that scores artifacts to make your response as fast and comprehensive as possible. In this 3-hour workshop, we will cover the basic techniques for collecting data from a live system and how to review the results.We will talk about:

  • The various ways of collecting and importing data using the Cyber Triage collection tool or KAPE.
  • Use of 40+ malware scanning engines to identify bad and suspicious files.
  • Scoring algorithms that Cyber Triage uses to help you focus on relevant data first
  • User-related artifacts, such as logins, web artifacts, and files that were accessed.
  • Malware-related artifacts, such as triggered tasks, processes, ports, and connections
  • Reporting to share results with humans or machines
With the course, you will also get a 60-day evaluation copy of the software.
**A separate ticket is required to attend this workshop.