Is there an option to view ResponderCon virtually?

ResponderCon will not be streamed live this year. After the event, all slide presentations will be posted as long as we have permission from the speakers. Some presentations will be recorded and shared online after the event. 

Can I get an invitation letter to obtain a visa to attend?

Yes! Write an email to with the subject listed as “Visa Request Letter”. Provide your full name and any other information you need included in the letter and we can send that to you within 48 hours. 

Does the government rate apply globally or just to the US government? 

As long as you are currently working for the government (local, state, federal or global) you qualify for the government ticket. 

Do government contractors qualify for the government rate?

No. You must be actively working for the government to qualify for free admission. 

What is your Covid policy?

ResponderCon will be organized in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations, guidelines, and recommendations as directed by official government and local authorities. At this time, there are no requirements for vaccinations, masks, or other health measures in place. 

View our ‘Health and Safety Information’ 

Do you have any expectations of attendees?

We expect all attendees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Please review our code of conduct.