WORKSHOP: RansomCare: Turning Your Tabletop Exercises into Action

Ransomware is a critical threat to all organizations, regardless of their size or field of operation. They can send a multimillion dollar company into retirement and bankruptcy if not taken seriously! There is a new victim in the news on a daily basis and defending against ransomware has become very challenging. Threat actors are consistently updating their ransomware operations with new techniques and methods. Staying up to date with their Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) is not that easy and even organizations who fight ransomware struggle to find solutions for their clients. This workshop is not about how to investigate ransomware or to highlight their methods, but it’s about how we can use threat simulation to train our teams and organization to better respond to ransomware attacks.

In this workshop we present our RansomCare module that can be used to deploy ransomware and run it either from disk or memory. RansomCare is also capable of applying seek and delete files of interest, delete volume shadow copies, file history, and also wipe itself completely from disk. RansomCare has been developed to simulate the critical components of a true ransomware and show how it could affect a victim’s environment. RansomCare can be used to build educational scenarios, help create awareness of ransomware attacks, and finally turn your tabletop exercises from discussions to actions!

**A separate ticket is required to attend this workshop.