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Slides and Video from 2022 are now available!

The only event focused on DFIR and ransomware!

ResponderCon: Investigating Ransomware is dedicated to helping cyber responders and DFIR examiners investigate ransomware. While other events focus on preventing the attack, this focuses on what to do after it happens. Cyber First Responders will learn about:

  • Tools and techniques that they can use when they get called up
  • Different behaviors of ransomware families
  • How other responders treat these kinds of incidents
  • How law enforcement can help

The conference agenda has talks that cater to all experience levels.


There are a small number of webinars that are happening in between events. You can find the details here:

In-Person Event Details

ResponderCon happened on Sept 13, 2022 and was an in-person event packed with 30-minute talks and two tracks. There were workshops on the day after the event.

You can find the slides and link to some of the videos on the agenda page. We are releasing the videos in 4 batches.

ResponderCon was brought to you by BasisTech, the organizers of the Open Source Digital Forensics Conference (OSDFCon) for the last 11 years. We emulated the format of that successful event, but focused on the type of attack vs. the type of tool.

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